Monday, January 2, 2012


Conjugation of the Verb -To Be


I am             We are
You are        You are
He/she/it is  They are

---The PRESENT MOMENT is where we find the good stuff.
We do most of our good living and are most attentive in the PRESENT MOMENT. FEAR is what takes us from the Present. It gives us ALL kinds of discomforts and makes us want to be someplace else. When we have a fondness for what we are dealing with, there is a very good chance that we are standing in the present. There is also a very good chance that we are easily giving ourselves to what we are dealing. As

I said...we want to stay in the PRESENT MOMENT but find that our penchant to respond to different fears...KNOCKS us from there.


I was                   We were
You were            You were
He/she/it was      They were

---We live in the PAST, basically, because we are still working on things that we never completed. We never learned our life lesson's from events of the past. We NEVER have fully done things that we have started. Even though we are physically in the present we still have the mindset we had in the past. If we learn our lesson then there would be no problem, but most folks do much the same types of things ad finitum. They do much of the same things over-and-over.


I will                 We will
You will            You will
He/she/it will   They will

---Our FUTURE finds us doing much the same. In the ideal we would have a situation where a person moves from one task to the next - completing each task as he goes along. But, that is why folks live in HOPES and DREAMS so much. People are trying to resolve what they began. They are NOT as satisfied as they should be...and they really can't put their finger on why? They are NOT free enough to break from the past. They are still trying to fix things to complete events that they are still involved with. Most miss the PRESENT MOMENT and live in the PAST and FUTURE.

More later...

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