Sunday, October 13, 2013

Terry Becker + Planet Earth: The SIMILARITY

Terry Becker AND

Planet Earth:


---We must now realize that Terry Becker is much the same as Planet Earth. BUT…why do we say this? We must realize that the same SLOW MEDICINE that healed Terry Becker will also work on healing Planet Earth. The only ‘’job’’ that we have in the process is…to ALLOW it to happen. We must put Planet Earth in the same condition of WELLNESS as Dr. Sweet placed Terry Becker and watch. Remember: a cut or a wound will heal if we let it.

---We have heard it put very eloquently by Dr. Victoria Sweet. The near fatal bedsore of Terry Becker was healed when NOT interfered with by anyone/anything. It took some time, but in an increasing manner the sore of Terry Becker healed.

---Terry has MUCH in common with our own - Planet Earth. It is also in need of a healing. And…the viriditas, the life-force, the god-force, etc., and so on…is right there ready, willing and able to do the same job that it did on Terry Becker - if we let it (and DON’T INTERFERE.)

---If we apply this SLOW MEDICINE to Planet Earth AND allow it to do it’s thing…a healing will take place. Once again…we have to let it. We must exercise patience and re-learn many things that promote this condition. It can be seen as delicate as a pregnant woman giving birth to a ‘’newly-healed-self.’’ The recipe is right there…we just have to NOT interfere with the healing. Take Care.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Getting Better
I've Noticed I've Been Downsizing
My Fears
They Seem To Be Less In Size
Each Year

From Luggage Size
To Knapsack
To Fanny Pack
To Wallet
Just Getting Smaller
Maybe Next Year I'll Keep Them
In My Pocket
I'm Just NOT Sure

But, That Opens A Can of Worms
Within Itself

For Years I Kept My Hand In My Pocket
Because Of Fear
Being Born Without Four Fingers
Was My Reason For Hiding

I Didn't Think I Was Good Enough
NOW I Know That's Not True

Over The Years, My Hand
Hasn't Changed Much
But My Attitude Towards It
Certainly Has

What Was Once Huge
Is Very Manageable
My Whole Perspective
And Quality Of Interaction
Have Just Gotten Better

I Know It's Been Said
Many Times and in Many Ways
But, ''It's Amazing What A Little
Self-Acceptance Will Do''

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


---If we see the term WELLNESS as synonymous with the Life-Force…we can use it to describe the healing the body naturally partakes in…on its’ journey to getting better. It is called many thIngs in many cultures (chi, prana, viriditas, the force, life-force, etc.,) but refers to the same ‘’THING.’’ We can call this force/dynamic - the WELLNESS.

---A wound or cut will heal if we let it. We, also, have broken limbs, allergic reactions, etc. All that the healer would do would be to remove whatever interferes with the healing (wellness) from taking place.

---The WELLNESS is allowed to do its’ thing…which is to increase the wellness of the organism. We allow the wellness to make us well. If one truly ‘’gets’’ this concept…then ONE really understands the whole of it. This may sound like wordplay, but, believe me…it is not. It is a positive manner to have in accepting the INEVITABLE.

---Living on the hospice…the question of where WELLNESS stands on life/death. It would be to die in peace…and not be tortured to the end. It is an accepting of life and death as part of what we do instead of setting up a resistance to it and constantly trying to thwart it to NOT allow it to happen. Many folks have much of there fear based on this…NOT realizing that this fear governs much of the choices that they make. Their quality of life would improve with an upgrade of an attitude in this area. Be Well.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The Canary Story

---If we have a canary in our charge to care for, we would be concerned with his food, water and condition of his cage. We would, basically, want the canary to be out of harm’s way - especially when the care of the canary is our responsibility.

---These are ALL very necessary things to be concerned about.

---If our concern was for the canary’s happiness…we would be sure that the bird had a chance to fly and sing. If the things of the first paragraph are not in place, then flying and singing are compromised.

---A well-rounded bird has everything in place…the basics and the things that make him happy. A well-rounded bird sings a happier tune than one who is NOT allowed to sing and fly.

---Where do we see our responsibility? An even worse scenario is a bird that doesn’t know he is able to fly and sing.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Art is a releasing from within!

---The release that is spoken of in the quote we read is the release of the energy within. The more that the release goes toward love…the more it is a true expression of the self. The more honest the expression is…the more it is a true expression of the self.

---Every expression is this. The more loving, the more a true expression. Also, the more self-conscious, fear-based and hateful the response…the response is then negative.

---We are able to see this in the sexual response. The ideal is two loving beings ‘’getting’’ together to increase the love that exists. Sex with love is positive and life-affirming. Sex without love is negative and NOT life-affirming.

---An expression of honesty and love from within is positive and life affirming, but an expression of the self based on anything beside love is lacking. One can tell something is missing. To those that can really see this are the beings that I feel can understand what a piece of art is ‘’saying’’ as a representation of the expression of he who made it.

The above painting was done by a resident of Laguna Honda Hospital.