Saturday, May 19, 2012

The INFINITE WAY - Joel S. Goldsmith

---Joel S. Goldsmith was very pivotal in my life. He helped me to resolve and realize the similarities of EASTERN & WESTERN thought. His writings provided the insights that I needed to move through a major roadblock in my life. I became aware of Joel Goldsmith in the latter half of the 1970's.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


---We are all familiar with the statue of David, or any piece of art for that matter. We begin with a block of granite or marble and begin chipping away. Eventually…we let out what we had in mind in the first place. It took Michelangelo to let David out of block of marble. It took Da Vinci to reveal the Mona Lisa. All art works the same way. It takes someone or something to untrap what is really within.
---We are the same way. We are like diamonds in the rough. Inside of us all is (we‘ll call it our EGO,) which tries to keep our real self - TRAPPED. We are our own worst enemy at times and get in ‘’our own way’’ very often.
---Our EGO always competes and compares itself with everyone and it speaks of how we are the best at everything that we do…for all intents and purposes. The EGO wants to be the star performer…while life is really about being one of the team. We always do our best, but we let other stars shine, too. Though, you may have the better of the ideas, it usually takes the assembling of a team of sorts to carry them out.
---In conclusion, we see that we tend to shine when the conditions are the right ones for us. It may take someone ‘’special’’ to get the piece of art that we are - out of us. But, usually, it is life itself that sets up the conditions to help us flourish. Eventually, we get good at finding those circumstances that are best for our flourishing.

---We are ALL a piece of art just waiting to be released from our ego-captivity…by that someone or circumstance. Sometimes it is our spouse, children or parents - but, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it shows itself as a problem for us. It is usually in the form that brings us to highest and truest of ourselves. Good luck to us ALL in this process. HINT: It can begin with some form of acceptance. Take Care.
‘’Diamonds in the Rough’’