Wednesday, January 11, 2017



---Of course, you are good enough. There is no one better than you...but, also, no one worse. Everyone, in reality, is just who they are.

---We are made up of many things. We may possess talents that others do not...but, then again, I am sure there are talents that exist that we DON'T have.
---When we are jealous of someone, or someone is jealous of us...we are usually speaking of the fact that he/she may possess an attribute or talent we wish we had. My advice would be to figure out what it exactly is you are looking for and how one would go about having that. Then you could then work toward having it...ALSO.
---I think it is important to list the things you may want, and list the things you may need. I would suggest you pick and choose, carefully, because I'll bet that a lot of things one thinks he/she needs would fall into the, ''I THINK, I need category,'' and really just be things that you prefer or want. (Most NEEDS fall into the food, clothing and shelter, realm.)
---When one has his needs straightened out, his wants and preferences are much more realistic. One may discover that the pony that was much needed at one really not so much of a priority.
---To sum it all up - people may have cultivated different tastes and we must honor that. But, we realize that most of us are, basically, the same, like a basic is just the different add-ons, that account for much of the reasons for our differences. ''One man's meat may still be someones poison.'' Take Care!