Saturday, January 14, 2012

The VOID: Space Between Breaths/Thoughts

The Space Between The Breaths,
The Space Between Thoughts -

---There is an interval of time or to be correct NO TIME, that could be designated by the space between breaths/thoughts. Intuitively, it seems easy to answer yes to this as a concept, but to experience this space usually takes some development.

---For me it is the easiest to just be aware that the space exists and NOT to breath often when I am there. It is an ‘’IS’’ place. The space itself expands and one becomes aware that he occupies that space and breathing becomes so deeply shallow that one does find himself breathing in and about that space...never moving too far from it.

---The same happens with thought. One, through meditation, finds that he has slowed his mind down enough - to stop thinking and allow the naturalness of mind to think for you. If one is at a high degree of self-knowledge and self-acceptance…there is NOT a problem with any thought being intrusive. One finds that he is an observer of his own thoughts and thought processes. Each is very innocuous and not very earth shattering and whatever comes up is very easy to deal with.

---Learning to be in this space and staying there can be the same as being at HOME with yourself. Learning to develope spending your time there reaps many benefits as one realizes that this is the void itself, that you undoubtedly heard about. It is more of an allowing it than a trying to make it…occur. One learns to stop interfering with it’s presence and watches it expand.

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