Saturday, April 7, 2012

EASTER: The Ultimate in Self-Acceptance

---When we think of Easter…I wonder where it is that our attention goes? Is it to eggs and bunnies hopping around? Or, does it go to the cross? Is it Christ being raised from the dead? Or, your thoughts may go to something that I’ve never heard.

 ---As I see it, the resurrection is the next step in the progression of being yourself. It is accepting yourself on another level that when death is NOT interfered happens naturally. Then it is another step in the growth process.
---Just as a seed must die to become the plant within. The acorn ‘’dies’’ to take root and becomes the tree that is potentially always inside. Humans become the love that is inside. That is why ‘’the love you take is equal to the love you make.’’
  ---The key that we see running through all of this is that the person becomes more and more integrated and becomes what he/she is slated to become. In humans we see that what actually dies is ones ego or false sense of self and he/she becomes more and more who he/she really is.
---He or she is truly love. It makes much more sense learning the ways of love-by loving and things of that nature then trying to mentally figure this all out. You will understand love by being loving; not by logically trying to suss it out. By adding personalities and emotionalism you just complicate the issue. You end up confusing more than clarifying. Take Care.

The Ultimate in Self-Acceptance

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