Monday, December 26, 2011


1. One is in denial and doesn’t really know what it means to ‘’be yourself.’’ Usually time is spent following the crowd. One’s goal is to achieve the skill of thinking for yourself and making good choices.

---All leads to a Choiceless Awareness:

2. One usually discovers that he has a choice on how he acts. It can be ''this way'' or ''that way.''

3. Realizes that of the ‘’this or that’’ choice…one of his choices reveals a higher and truer response from himself, and is more inline with his belief system.

4. When he realizes that the pick he chooses reflects more of his true self…and that is the choice he makes most frequently. This becomes the tipping point. The tide begins to turn.

5. He chooses (or makes) the choice, automatically, that reflects how he really feels.

6. When your choices are aligned to the correct choice to make in a situation…one feels connected up and life has a quality of being a very good experience. The enlightenment is unfolding and one is more loving in the balance.

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